Bunny Brownie Truffles for Easter

I’ve made brownie truffles in the past and we all love them. So, for Easter I thought it might be fun to make some brownie truffles that could be added to an Easter basket. These are easy to make and they taste great just like the other brownie truffles, they’re just cute.

Cute Brownie Bunny Truffles for Easter

To make these little guys, bake up some brownies. Then cut into squares. Make sure to leave the crispy edges for snacks as they won’t squish up into the truffle filling very well.

Now take those square and squish them up into an egg shape or bunny shape. I decided to make mine all into egg shapes. So I could make a few into Easter eggs too. The egg shape worked out well for bunnies too.

Brownie Truffle Recipe for Easter


I didn’t freeze my brownie truffle eggs before I dipped them, because they were nice and firmly stuck together. If your truffle eggs seem a little crumbly, you might want to freeze them before you dip them.

I melted some white candy coating and vanilla chips because that’s what I had on hand. I’m sure white chocolate would work great too.

After I dipped them and they hardened up. I slightly melted some more candy coating and shaped it into ears and attached them to the bunnies.

Bunny Truffles made from brownies, great for Easter baskets

I thought about using frosting for the decorations, but I didn’t. I think next time I will use some royal frosting to make the eyes, ears and nose. I added food coloring to the vanilla candy coating to make the eyes and nose. I think the frosting would have worked better since the candy coating was a little hard to work with. :(

Brownie Truffles, great in the shape of bunnies for Easter

I think they still turned out looking really cute. Here’s a printable version of the recipe if you want to make them for Easter.

Bunny Brownie Truffles
I used food coloring to color some of the extra vanilla candy coating for decorating the truffles. But I think a batch of royal frosting or regular frosting would work better.
Serves: 20
  • 1 batch of Brownies, baked, cooled and cut into squares
  • 12 oz Vanilla Candy Coating or Vanilla Chips
  • Frosting to Decorate
  1. Take the brownie squares and cut off any crispy edges.
  2. Roll each brownie into a egg shape and set on wax paper.
  3. Once all of the brownies are shaped, freeze for about 30 minutes.
  4. Melt the candy coating and dip the brownie truffles into the coating to coat well.
  5. Let harden on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.
  6. Use frosting to make eyes, ears and nose.


What’s your favorite Easter Candy?

For more Easter ideas be sure to follow my Easter Pinterest Board.



  1. Emma T says

    Oh these look really cute, and love the idea of using brownies, rather than standard truffle mix.

  2. sharon says

    these are too cute! I have to admit that they sound really good right about now while I’m doing some work on the computer!


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