Make Your Own Root Beer Syrup

Have you ever tried to make your own soda pop? Depending on where you live you might call it, soda or pop or soda pop. I used all of these names over the years, but I think in our area most people use the word pop. But anyway have you ever tried making it yourself?

Make Your Own Root Beer Syrup | Frugal Family Home

When I was young we used to go to the beach at least once a year. There was an A&W restaurant close to where we would stay and we would eat lunch there on our way home. I would always get some kind of root beer when we had lunch. It might be just root beer or a root beer shake or a root beer float. But when we went to A&W you had to have root beer.

Super Easy Root Beer Syrup Recipe | Frugal Family Home

After lunch my mom would always buy a gallon jug of the root beer syrup to take home, to make our own root beer soda. She would purchase a 2 liter of carbonated water and we would have the traditional root beer sodas. Once that ran out, my sister and myself would just add water to the root beer syrup and enjoy it that way, until it was gone.

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Pita Pocket Bread Recipe

This recipe came from a friend of mine.  It’s a recipe that once you try it, you won’t want to purchase the pita bread from the store anymore. These pita pocket are so fresh and delicious and really not very hard to make at all.

Pita Bread Recipe, Frugal Family Home

The main thing you want to make sure to do is to have a nice hot oven. You need the oven really hot, as hot as it will go to get the pocket bread to puff properly. I have found using my baking stone on the lowest rack in the oven works really well to get them to puff properly.

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Make it from Scratch Challenge..Homemade Potato Chips

Homemade potato chips is something I’ve been wanting to give a try but just hadn’t taken the time to actually do it. So I decided today was the day.

Homemade potato chips

I had seen quite a few recipes for microwave potato chips, so I took the common elements of each recipes and made up my own technique. One of the steps included in most of the recipes I found was to cut the potatoes thin. So I made sure to use my mandolin (affiliate link) to slice them up.

Potato Slices


Nice and Thin Potato Slice

I also found that not only soaking the potatoes but soaking them in ice water really helped. The first two batches I just had in cold water but after I added ice to the soaking water the chips seemed to crisp up a little better.


I also noted a few of the recipes called for spraying each batch of the chips and others recommended turning the chips half way through and then cooking on half power. I opted for the easier route of full power for 4-5 minutes and no flipping. I also oiled the pie plate I was cooking them in, instead of spraying each batch of chips. I did need to add a little more oil to the pan after a few batches but used much less oil than traditional store-bought chips I’m sure.

Yummy Crisp Potato Chips

How did they taste?

These chips were delicious. I sliced up two potatoes and cooked up about 3/4 of them in quite a few batches. That is one problem with microwave chips is you can only prepare about 8-12 at a time, so this technique isn’t really that good for a big party, but for a snack or lunch side dish it’s great.

Crispy chips from the microwave

The chips had a nice potato flavor and were very nice and crisp. So much fresher tasting than the bagged chips from the store. We will definitely be making these again. I might even try to figure out how to make a big batch in the oven, if I do I will be sure to post about it.

Want to make some for yourself? Here’s the recipe or well maybe I should say technique, I used to make our yummy crisp homemade microwaved potato chips.

Homemade Potato Chips

Cook Time: 4 minutes

Servings: 4 servings

Homemade Potato Chips

These microwaved potato chips are really crisp and have a nice fresh potato flavor.


  • 2 Potatoes, sliced very thin
  • Salt or other Seasoning to taste
  • Olive oil


  1. Slice the potatoes very thin, I used a mandolin to slice mine.
  2. Place the sliced potatoes into a bowl of ice water and chill for about 10 minutes.
  3. Take out 8-10 slices of potato and press dry between paper towels or a clean towel.
  4. Grease a casserole dish with olive oil. I used a glass pie plate and it worked well.
  5. Place the dry potato slices into the pie plate and sprinkle with salt or other seasonings.
  6. Microwave on high for 4-5 minutes until the potatoes get crisp and slightly golden in color.
  7. Repeat the process until all the potato slices are cooked.You may need to add more olive oil after about 3-4 batches.
  8. Enjoy!


Do you think making your own potato chips is something you will give a try?

This post is part of the Make it from Scratch Challenge hosted by Crystal of Money Saving Mom.

Make it from Scratch Challenge…Homemade Egg Noodles

My great grandma used to make the most yummy egg noodles for me when I was young. She would make a huge pot and have it simmering on the stove when we came to visit. They were so good, egg noodles are definitely a comfort food for me. Partly because of the memories and partly because of the wonderful flavor of them.

Homemade Egg Noodles

You don’t need any fancy kitchen accessories to make these egg noodles. All you need is a place to roll them out, I use my cutting board. A rolling-pin and large sharp knife or pizza cutter. They are really quite easy to make and so worth the effort.

I love this recipe because it is so simple. Just three ingredients which you probably have on hand in your kitchen, eggs, flour and salt.

Egg Noodle Ingredients

I start out making the recipe by  whisking the eggs with the salt and then stirring in the flour until most of the flour is moistened. To get the dough to come together more I kneaded it just a few times (3-5) on a well floured board. The egg dough can tend to be sticky so  be sure to use enough flour to keep it from sticking to your board.

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Homemade Shower Cleaner Recipe

Shower Cleaner Banner

Homemade Shower Cleaner Recipe

I have seen this recipe posted a few different places but this is where I saw the recipe first. At the time I had lots of Scrubbing Bubbles in my stockpile so I knew it would be a while before I would get around to giving this recipe a try.

Last week I ran out of the scrubbing bubbles and I was excited to give the recipe a try. I know it doesn’t take much to get me excited does it. :)  The recipe only takes two ingredients, Dawn and vinegar. I have read that the blue Dawn works the best so that is the one I used.

You do need to heat up the vinegar when you make it but after that there is no need to reheat it each time you use it. I usually will clean my shower while I am taking my shower so having a cleaner that is made of soap and vinegar is a plus. If you have never tried cleaning the shower while you are showering you should really give it a try. It is so much easier.

When I gave this recipe a try, I was really happy with how the homemade cleaner worked. I am sure it worked just as good as my scrubbing bubbles if not better. I did find that I didn’t need to use that much to clean the shower. The first time I used it I sprayed too much on. I also have used this recipe to clean the sink, toilet and countertop. Although I do need to remember to use it more sparingly on the countertop. I ended up having to rinse quite a bit to get all the cleaner off so do use it sparingly until you get used to it.

Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a try,

Shower Cleaner

Homemade Shower Cleaner

1 part Dawn Liquid Dish Soap (I used 1/2 a cup)
1 part Vinegar (I used 1/2  a cup)
Empty Spray Bottle

Heat the vinegar until very warm. I just placed the vinegar in my liquid measuring cup and heated it in the microwave. Then I added the Dawn and poured it into a spray bottle. Gave it a gentle shake and that is it.  I just used one of my spray bottles that was empty.

To use spray on surface let sit a few minutes and wipe off with a wet rag.

If you give this recipe a try, let me know how you like it. 

MYO Garlic Cubes


I was over at 20 Minute Mom and she had a post about how she likes to use these garlic cubes she found. Well me being  too cheap well frugal I though why couldn’t I make these myself.

So here is what I did to have my own garlic cubes on hand to use in recipes.

First I got a great deal on garlic at Everyday Deals and crushed all these head of garlic with the side of a knife.

Then I seperated out into individual cloves.

Now for the fun (well time consuming part), removing the garlic skins. How I do it is to take the side of the knife and lay it on the clove of garlic and then give the clove a good hit. This crushes the garlic clove just a little and the skin slips right off. I did not worry when I got a little heavy handed and really smashed the garlic after all I am going to chop them all up anyway.

I just popped them all into my food processor.

Then processed them until they were nice and finely chopped. If you like the smell of garlic you will love this part.

Then I portioned the chopped garlic into my ice cube trays and froze.

Once frozen I put them into a freezer bag and now I have my own ready to go garlic when I need it.

So what do you think? Is this something you might try to make yourself?