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I’m Shelly and I’m the author behind Frugal Family Home.  I’m a stay at home mom who is homeschooling her two kids, one in high school and one in grade school.  I have been married to my wonderful husband almost 23 years now.  We are a Christian family and try to follow Christ’s example.



I was born and raised right here in the Pacific NW and I really do love all the rain we get.  I had a wonderful great grandma that used to cook from scratch everyday until she was well into her 80’s.  I learned to can and make jam from my mom.

After my first child was born with a milk allergy I started to learn to adjust recipes to meet our new dairy free needs.  Back 16 years ago there wasn’t too many resources for living dairy-free as there is now. Necessity is the mother of invention which spurred me on to learn how to bake bread and make so many wonderful dairy-free items so my child could enjoy them too. So most of my recipes are dairy-free, some are vegan and I may include some gluten-free recipes as well.

I started using coupons about three years ago and have really enjoyed the savings I can by combining a sale with a coupon.  I not only use coupons but I try to find creative ways to stretch a buck.  So if you are not into using coupons you can still find some great money-saving tips here too. I have learned over the years the value of having savings.

We live frugally so we can afford the things we want and be able to share with others. There was a time in my married life when we carried credit card debt. When I think back to those times and what a burden it was to our family I can really appreciate the freedom we have in being debt free now.

I want to share what our family has learned to help you all to live debt free too.  When you don’t owe anything to anyone that is real freedom. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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