Sun Catcher, Crafts for Kids

Looking for an easy to do summer fun project for the kids. These sun catchers for kids are a fun project that can be done inside or outside. If you have food coloring, glue and a container lid you have everything needed to make them.

I love to keep my kid’s actively creating in the summer with fun kid’s crafts. I love to nurture their creative sides. Both of them tend to lean more towards their artistic side rather than their book side. So in the summer when we take a little break from the book learning, I like to […]

Menu Plan Monday, July 27th

Little cups of delicious pizza goodness.

Where did this month go? It seems like it flew right by so quickly. Soon it will be time to start school again. I don’t know if I’m quite ready for that yet. My kids made the dinner menu plan all by themselves. My son loves burritos and going out to eat, he picked those […]

Goals for This Week, July 26th

My goals for this week and how last week went too.

I came so very close to getting all of my goals done this week. I just missed one of them, working on that darn rug project. The last two days have been really nice and cool and a little rainy, perfect weather for me. I spent some time with the kids making a couple of […]

Super Saving Saturday, Cheap Tortillas

The deals I found while shopping at Everyday Deals this week.

This past week I really needed to pick up bread at the bread store. You see my family can only eat two kinds of bread at the bread store, the Seattle Sourdough Company Bread and the Franz Organic Bread. Those two types of bread are the dairy free ones they carry. As luck would have […]

Friday Freebies for July 24th

This Week's free ebooks list is ready. Come grab a few new ebooks to read.

Freebies for this Week Are you also ready for some freebies? Here’s this week’s free Kindle ebooks, free samples, and free printables all in one post. Some of the links in this post are my referral links. You can read my disclosure policy for more information. Be sure to check the prices before you purchase as prices can […]

DIY Chia Pet

Keep the summer boredom away with this fun diy kids craft. This is an easy DIY chia pet that you can make with things you probably already have on hand. Plus you don’t have to use chia seeds. We used wheat grass instead and it turned out so cute.

Need a simple kid’s craft to do? How about making a diy chia pet? I know my kids like to plant seeds and watch for them to grow. I know I’m always amazed at how such a tiny seed can grow and produce food for us. It’s fun for the kids to be able to […]

Fresh Mint Water

In the summer it’s easy to grab a sugary drink to quench your thirst. Leave those empty calories along and try this yummy fresh mint recipe for fresh mint water instead. It’s not only delicious but so easy to make. With just two ingredients needed. This summertime drink much better than just plain water.

I love to make sure I have quite a few options of non sugary drinks on hand in the summertime. I know when the hot weather hits it can make you so thirsty, and it’s easy to grab a pop, or maybe you call it soda where you live. But I think you’ll like this […]