Make Your Own Lunchables

What kid wouldn't want a lunch that looks as good as this one?

Lunchables, what a great invention. Little packs of meat, cheese and crackers all sealed up in a nice little package. There is just something about those little compartments that kids love to eat out of. I know a snack type lunch is one of my kid’s favorite lunches. Now if you can get the Lunchables […]

Frugal Moving Tips


Will you be moving soon? I know I have only moved three times since I’ve been married and only four times my whole life. But I do know that moving can end up costing you lots of money. The few moves we have done have all been fairly inexpensive. To save we do all of […]

Menu Plan Monday, October 27th

Great Grandma's Pork Chops

  This week’s weather has turned cooler and very wet. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the video I posted about all the water running down our storm drain. We got a bunch of rain in a short amount of time and it was just flowing down the street. But then […]

Goals for this Week, October 26th

My Goals

I have a confession to make. It was a busy week and I didn’t once look at my goals. As I started to write this post I was looking to see how I did. I’m happy to say, even though I neglected to look at them, I was able to most of them done. I […]

Get Organized and Save Money

Getting organized can help you save money | Frugal Family Home

Saving money can be easy or it can be hard. When you are working on getting out of debt you really need to keep track of your spending. Knowing what you have on hand and being organized so you don’t duplicate purchases can help you to save money. My friend Erin, from My Mommy World […]

Restaurant and Retail Store Coupons for this Week

Retails Store Coupons

Happy weekend to you! I hope you have something fun planned for this weekend. Just in case it will involve eating out or shopping, here’s this week’s list of retail store and restaurant coupons to print.  Thanks to Rachel of Surviving the Stores for compiling this list of coupons. Just so you know, some of the links below […]