Tips to Being a Happy Non Consumer

How to be a happy non consumer in an all consuming world | Frugal Family Home

It’s hard being frugal in a world where you are constantly bombarded by ads and commercials. Everywhere you turn there is something new and improved that will make your life oh so much better. So what’s a person, who is trying to live within their budget, to do. How do you avoid the pull of […]

Menu Plan Monday, October 20th

Easy and Delicious Pan Fried Pork Chops

Last week I really stocked up on eggs. We have about 6 dozen on hand, so we will be having omelets for dinner one night this week. I also made some deviled eggs for snacks which is always a hit at our house. The rest of our meals will be quick and easy meals this […]

Goals for this Week, October 19th

My Goals

This week really flew right by. I think it was because each day was busy. It’s hard getting back into the swing of things after having an easy week, while my husband was on vacation. This week was a good week for accomplishing my goals though. If we could have only squeezed in making some […]

7 Day Frugal Menu Plan

A 7 day menu plan for when you are running low on funds | Frugal Family Home

Sometimes you are just running a little low on money. It could be because of an unexpected bill. Or maybe because you spent a little more earlier in the month that you should have. Either way it’s good to have some cheap eats in your menu plan to help cut the grocery budget just a […]

This Week’s Restaurant and Retail Store Coupons

Retails Store Coupons

Here’s this week’s list of retail store and restaurant coupons to print. If you will be eating out or shopping this weekend, be sure to check this list of store and restaurant coupons to help you save. Thanks to Rachel of Surviving the Store for compiling this list of coupons. Top Retail Store Coupons Ace […]